Returning To Church by Michael Dickman

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Chautauqua Poets and Writers hosted the visit of Matthew and Michael Dickman to Ashland, Oregon on October 28, 2010. Cathy DeForest and Derek Pyle of Jubilation Press letterpress printed this poem in honor of their visit. Returning To Church by Michael Dickman Walking through the snow with her, was enough, quiet enough, white breaking beneath our boots White              then dirt White               then concrete Not a word I watched the black branches of the oaks gliding above us like the shadow of koi Shadows, she was singing Shadows!  

Artist Bio

Michael Dickman’s work has appeared in The New Yorker, The American Poetry Review, Field, Tin House, and Narrative Magazine. Michael teaches at Princeton University.His poem "Returning to Church" was awarded the 2008 Narrative Prize by Narrative Poetry. Located in Ashland, Oregon, Jubilation Press is an independent letterpress printing company that focuses on poetry broadsides and artist books. Poet Derek Pyle and artist Cathy DeForest, select poems that create meaning in people's lives and inspire reflection. They have printed works by US Poet Laureates, local poets and their own poetry since 1995, often raising money for various social causes through the sale of their works. Cathy also teaches artists’ books and printmaking.