Respond! by Sally Penley

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Rumi, the 13th c. Persian poet, is a favorite. These are two passages from his poetry, as translated by Coleman Barks.


Artist Bio

Letters are my passion. Beginning at a very early age, I enjoyed drawing letter forms, including intricate Chinese characters, and making them into designs and "pretty writing." Once I discovered "calligraphy," I began my formal education, studying with such masters as Lloyd Reynolds, Jaki Svaren and Tim Girvin, among others. My inspiration comes from my massive collection of quotes. I find that the right quote just seems to appear when I most need to hear it. In that way, I guess you could say my body of calligraphic work has become a series of "notes to myself." My calligraphy is usually accompanied by watercolor and various other media to enhance the written word. I love the process of translating a written quote-its meaning and energy-into a visual work of art. Another passion has been my "Sumi Marks" series-Asian-calligraphy-inspired characters made with beautiful, handcrafted Lebenzon brushes and Sumi ink. Making these marks is truly a joyous and meditative process for me. The brush and I become one. I've exhibited my work in numerous shows and have received recognition in juried exhibits. I hold a BFA, am a former graphic designer and creative director, and most recently I was director of communications at Weyerhaeuser Company in Federal Way. I recently retired from Weyerhaeuser and now I'm returning to my roots to focus on my art. Hallelujah! Oh, and I'm a leftie.