Remnants: The Trade Edition by Rhiannon Alpers

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Remnants brings the world of four women naturalists to life, and re-frames their stories as under-recognized naturalist of their time, in a more personal context. The four women explored and honored in this artist book are Maria Sibylla Merian, Mary Anning, Clara E. Cummings and Marianne North. The macro photographic specimens included and documented in the book open the door into the world these women wandered and wondered in. They offer a tangible and personal connection to the the discoveries and observations these women made. The narrative of this book centers around their lives and the fascinations that fueled their passions and imaginations. Remnants offers a tangible and personal connection to the discoveries and observations these women made, scientifically and in strides for all women interested in the field of science.

Artist Bio

Rhiannon Alpers is a papermaker, letterpress printer and book artist. Her artwork explores the untenanted remnants of plant and animal life. Her work is entrenched in the history and visual sensibility of cabinets of curiosities and early natural history documentation. The structural and aesthetic construction of her sculptural work seeks to illuminate the beauty of remnants in the natural process of creation, transformation and decay. She has an MFA in Book & Paper Arts and a BA in Book Arts. In 2015 she received the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts Jurors' Recognition of Merit, and exhibited at the CODEX International Book Fair.