Quixity by Susan Collard -SOLD OUT!

This piece is a set of simple building blocks--hence the title, an eccentric spelling of "quick city" or "quickcity." I made it in what felt like a quixotic mad dash. Putting the finishing touches on my other entry to this show a whole week before the deadline, I decided to make a second book. I initially gave myself 36 hours on New Year's weekend to generate, test, jettison, and develop ideas for the book, thus playfully reenacting that time-honored ritual of architecture school, the design charrette. For imagery, I cut up plans and sections from back issues of Architectural Record, and combined them with photocopies from old books. Material choices were restricted to what I had on hand that could be used for an edition of three. As a reminder that real cities are not built in a day or a week, all artist's proceeds from these books will be donated to the Architectural Heritage Center, a Portland non-profit that works to preserve the history and livability of our built environment.

Artist Bio

Susan Collard is a Portland book artist and architect whose firm, In-House Architecture, focuses on residential remodeling. Her books are typically one-of-a-kind constructions incorporating collage, unexpected materials, and invented forms. A licensed architect since 1989, she holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University and an MFA in poetry from the University of Arizona. Her books been exhibited widely since 1991, and are in the collections of a number of major libraries, such as Emory, Stanford, Yale, the University of Washington, and the University of Oregon.