Quantum - latin quantus - how much? by Bettina Pauly - SOLD

The given theme Blood Quantum is asking to explore ancestry, identity, heritage, family history and our personal cultural narrative. In this book I am asking how much is memory part of our identity. Exploring our thoughts, memories, beliefs and what we would be without them. The color gray to reflect the gray matter of our tissue, the repetitive pattern the neurons in the brain, the thin parchment-like layer of Lokta paper with its warmer color skin tissue. A few of the questions I am asking: Is our memory our identity? Who would we be without memory? Would we remember language? Would we be able to define ourselves? How much of our memory is real? Does our memory change over time? I want the reader to reflect on these questions and find out what it would mean if memory is lost.

Artist Bio

Bettina Pauly was trained as a professional chef, then worked as a head-server throughout Europe before she received a B.A. in Hotel-Economy in Germany. After coming to the U.S. and working in hospitality here, she went back to school and studied at the AAU in the Fine Arts program printmaking, book-arts and letterpress. Bettina is living in San Francisco as a book-artist, letterpress printer and instructor. She loves books and boxes both as physical objects and as containers of meaning. She is interested in a variety of folded, sewn and woven structures in which she can incorporate her printing. Her award winning work is included in library collections in the U.S.