Quantum Articulations by Anita Rankin

Smaller than the subliminal limits that a naked eye can see, nano-sized proximals and paradoxicals of quantum particles, waves, and fields are believed to be the underlying structure of everything in the world, including our thoughts and emotions. The impetus for this set of five artist's books came from enigmas that surround these enchanted scantlings and crux-flux ephemerals. The initial poem began with the smallest units of spoken sound (phonemes), light (photons), and language (lexemes). From there, text and artwork evolved through experiments with various mark-making utensils and objects pressed across polymer-based carbon paper turned face down. Visual results were unseen until the carbon paper was set aside. For each artist's book, digitally printed text was enhanced with hand drawn artwork and collaged squares of blue carbon paper. As a consequence, no two sets of artist's book are exactly alike. A chapbook containing all five poems and an original artwork accompanies each set.

Artist Bio

Anita B. Rankin is an artist, poet, and expressive arts therapist whose work focuses on the dynamic interplay between words and images to observe, interpret, and respond to our world. Her current art explores theories from science, mathematics, psychology, and Buddhist philosophy to imagine alternative versions of being and experiencing.