Puzzle Book by Marina Soria - SOLD!

This alphabet is the result of a workshop I took with Thomas Ingmire, Roman Cursive in the 21st Century in Seattle, Washington, 2004. 
In this workshop I developed this “botanical alphabet” inspired by my husbands love of nature transforming the shapes and flowers into letters. In this book the artwork is fragmented into ten separate parts which go inside small envelopes.
 The work can be put together the way it was meant by the artist by arranging the cards in a numerical order or it can be assembled on a personal basis by the observer.

Artist Bio

Marina Soria is an Argentinean calligrapher, book artist & painter. 
BFA in Fine Arts (5 years study) and Graphic Design (3 years study). 
She taught Graphic & Editorial Design as well as Typography and Calligraphy at the University of Buenos Aires. She studied calligraphy in Europe and USA with calligraphers such as Thomas Ingmire, Brody Neuenschwander and Ewan Clayton amongst others.
 Her work forms part of private collections in Argentina, USA, Spain, Italy and Japan including the International Museum of Calligraphy in Russia and the Akademie der Kunnste in Germany. 
In the calligraphic arts, she found the way to convey her inner thoughts and reflections about life. 
Her main interest is to mingle and blend diverse disciplines, and to challenge the limits of conceptual art and techniques. Her work may be seen in LAR, Bound & Lettered, Novum from Germany, and publications in Argentina, Spain, Uruguay and Mexico. Her goal as a teacher is helping her students to accomplish their own projects and to search for their personal mark.