Prism by Helen Hiebert


Helen Hiebert has been fascinated with light for as long as she can recall. As a child, she always looked for rainbows, and she enjoyed trying to identify every color, from red to violet. This book explores the wonder of that interaction between color and light. As you flip through the pages, you will see 24 analogous colors (each new hue sharing some of the color of the page next to it). It’s Hiebert’s attempt, as a paper artist, to capture the essence of a rainbow within the pages of the book.

Artist Bio

Helen Hiebert is a Colorado artist who constructs installations, sculptures, films, artists’ books and works in paper using handmade paper as her primary medium. She teaches, lectures and exhibits her work internationally and online, and is the author of the several how-to books about papermaking and papercrafts. Helen has an extensive network of paper colleagues around the world and her interest in how things are made (from paper) keeps her up-to-date on current paper trends, which she writes about in her weekly blog called The Sunday Paper. She holds an annual paper retreat and papermaking master classes in her Red Cliff studio each September.