PRINT -- My Mine (Purple) by Denise Bookwalter

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The series of prints are based on my tour of the Oil-Dri surface mine in southeast Georgia. The mine is a source for absorbent clay used for chemical processing and kitty litter. The clay is found in deposits trending northwest across the Florida panhandle into southern Georgia. I traveled 43.8 miles from my home to tour the mine, the same trip my husband takes across the state line every workday. The book that goes with these prints is about the mine and mapping both the surface, the trip from home to the mine, and the geologic layers that make up the mine. The series of prints is about the topography and layers of the mine and home. I created topographic maps from the surfaces in our home, countertops with leftover breakfast and piles of laundry, the layers of our home life. The mine and our home became the endpoints of this pseudo stratigraphic connection and is an investigation of how the layers of our lives are inseparable.

Artist Bio

Denise Bookwalter is one of five artists that make up Shift-lab, a collective devoted to broadening perspectives of the artist book. She works in a range of print media including traditional and digital processes, artist's books, installations and dimensional prints. Her artists' books utilize old and new print technologies to create collaborative artists' books. Her work has been exhibited and collected in a variety of venues across the country and abroad. She received her BA from Northwestern University and her MFA from Indiana University in Printmaking. Denise currently lives in Tallahassee, Florida with her husband and twin girls. She is an Associate Professor of Art at Florida State University where she teaches printmaking and is Area Head of the Printmaking Department. She is the director and founder of Florida State University's artists' book press, Small Craft Advisory Press.