Precipitous by Nicole Pietrantoni -SOLD!

Precipitous is collection of five hand bound accordion books that expand to create a life-sized panoramic image of a rising sea. As books, the works gesture to the authority of the encyclopedic and the cataloging of natural specimens. As an installation, they dismantle sublime images through cuts, folds and halftone dots. The overlaid poems by Devon Wootten are appropriations from a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change titled, "Climate Change and Water." With a specific interest in printmaking's historic relationship to representation, in this work I gesture to humans' role in constructing and idealizing landscape. Referencing 19th-century panoramas as well as Romantic painting, the work nods to a particularly fraught period in our relationship to nature. Similarly, today's changing landscape demands an examination of the tension between the enjoyment of beautiful, idealized landscapes and an awareness of their ecological complexity.

Artist Bio

Nicole Pietrantoni's artwork explores the complex relationship between human beings and nature via installations, books, and works on paper. She is the recipient of numerous artist residencies and awards including a Fulbright to Iceland, a Leifur EirĀ”ksson Foundation Grant, the Elizabeth Catlett Fellowship, and a public art commission from the University of Iowa Hospital. Along with exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally, she frequently facilitates art workshops and special projects in the community. In addition to having served on the board of the Southern Graphics Council International, Nicole was the Director of the Visual Art, Craft, and Media Program at the Tennessee Arts Commission from 2003-2007. Nicole received her MFA and MA in Printmaking from the University of Iowa and her BS in Human and Organizational Development and Art History from Vanderbilt University. Since 2012, she has been an Assistant Professor of Art at Whitman College where she teaches printmaking and book arts.