Power Play by Susan Lowdermilk

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Power Play is structured as a Jacob’s Ladder toy. The game Rock, Paper, Scissors inspired the imagery for the book, printed from original woodblocks in grey and black, with open ended slip cover. "Through my creative practice as a printmaker and a book artist, I represent inanimate objects and abstract marks as visual metaphors or allegories. I explore tenuous qualities of human interaction, struggles and experience. I explore the use of simple, forms such as 'X' and 'O,' symbolic for 'hugs and kisses' or 'tic-tac-toe.' I'm informed by familiar leisure games like Rock, Paper, Scissors, to reference interpersonal communication."

Artist Bio

As a printmaker and book artist, I primarily work in relief media such as woodcut and wood engraving. I teach art and applied design courses at Lane Community College in Eugene Oregon. My work appears in many public collections including the Getty Museum, the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library and is represented in galleries throughout the United States. I explore mark and impression as visual and conceptual ideas through my work in print media and artist’s books. I strive to express the tenuous qualities of the human experience and human interaction through my representation of objects and mark as visual metaphors. I invite the viewer to overlay their own personal metaphors and narratives as they experience my work.