Positioning by Nanette Wylde

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Positioning is about navigating thinking in uncertain times.


How do I know what I know when I know it
Do I lick away that thin membrane
between dreamings
to know what I know is real
Or must I dig at it relentlessly
Until truth reveals itself as truth without
the spin of spinnings.

Seeing is always a reflection seeing
Other worlds putting their world into your world
A pool of swirlings going where they are taken
Falling down, falling sideways, fluttering
What isn’t real isn’t real.

Songs are fire
Rumblings of breath
The scent of all time beating
Listen to what Is, touch the ire circling
Position yourself with your own honed positioning
To know what you know, to know what is real, to be with your own self knowing
that knowing is knowing not knowing.

All of the answers are not written.

Artist Bio

Nanette Wylde is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and cultural worker making socially reflective and often language-based works using a variety of hybrid media. Wylde has a BA in Behavioral Science from San José State University. Her MFA is in Interactive Multimedia and Printmaking from Ohio State University. She is Professor Emerita of Art and Art History at California State University, Chico. Her artists' books, prints and electronic works are included in significant international collections including: The Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco; The Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, United Kingdom; The Iraqi National Library, Baghdad, Iraq; The Oakland Museum of California; Museum of the Miniature Book, Baku, Azerbaijan; Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany; The Electronic Literature Collection, Volume One; and many Public and University Library Special Collections. Wylde's interests include: language, personality, difference, beliefs, systems, ideas, movement, reflection, identity, perceptions, structures, stories, socialization, definitions, context, memory, experience, the natural world, change, and residue. preneo.org/nwylde