Pop-up Art by Stephen Sidelinger -SOLD OUT!

I used to hate modern pop-up books, there is a lot of pop but less art. Most people do the art first then have a paper engineer design and cut the pop-up structure. I do the opposite, I cut the structure first (usually very simple) and then hand draw on top of that. So it is art that pops up. Each section 1 -8 getting more complex, hand-cut, hand-drawn, hand die cut and in pen and X-acto knife only. Copies printed, but each hand-cut. Simple makes easy beauty.

Artist Bio

Sidelinger, artist/designer/educator/textile artist/embroiderer and book artist. Sidelinger draws on these disciplines to create one-of-a-kind, hand bound books of contemporary illuminated manuscripts. His works have Sidelinger's distinctive visual language. Sidelinger is the author of Color Manual published by Prentice-Hall Inc. Sidelinger received BFA in Design, Syracuse University and MS in Design, Illinois Institute of Technology. Professor of Design for 14 years at Kansas City Art Institute and 20 years in Communication Arts at Otis College of Art and Design Los Angeles California.