Pocket Madonna by Julie Shaw Lutts

I created Pocket Madonna from a handful of the many Madonna photographs I have taken over the years. Pocket Madonna is a modern manuscript which considers that the Madonna, The Virgin Mary, was a feminist. There are 17 Madonnas, each with handwritten imagined characteristics. This artist book can be folded up and put right in your pocket for easy refection on beauty, history or religion. The only other copy is held in the collection of the Bodleian Library, Oxford UK.

Artist Bio

Julie Shaw Lutts creates artist books exploring themes of feminism, womanhood, science, history, family, and the natural world, using all kinds of media including old photographs, handwritten letters, keepsakes, relics, tintypes, old maps, vintage kid gloves. Each found object has its own story which informs the narrative she creates. Her work is often housed in vintage boxes, each integral to the work. Many of her artist books are unique and have pages which can be held and manipulated by the reader to offer a personalized experience. Shaw Lutts has shown extensively in both solo and group exhibits. Her work is in museum and library collections, including The Tate Britain, The Bodleian Library at Oxford University, Cardiff University, Book Arts Museum Poland, UCLA, Emory U, Baylor, Bowdoin College, Tufts University and Savannah College of Art & Design. She is the creator of the first artist book app, The CuRiOuS Alphabet, which is now available on all devices at https://thecuriousalphabet.net