Places of Theirs by Carli Boisjolie

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This book is a reproduction of a book of ink and watercolor drawings. It was originally created during the Shiro Oni Studio Artist in Residency Program in 2016. The illustrations depict homes and buildings in Onishi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. The book was created to preserve the unique and historic buildings in this rural area, which are largely being torn down for gentrification. The sequence of the book emulates walking through Onishi and discovering new buildings. Some of the buildings are significant to the townspeople, whereas some of them are abandoned. All of them contribute to the charm of the town, which feels as if it has been frozen in time, just as the book has done.

Artist Bio

Carli Erin Boisjolie is a Vancouver-based artist. She holds a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and has also studied in Tokyo. She is currently a member of Dynamo Arts Association, and instructor and printmaker at Malaspina Printmakers. Her practice focuses mainly on letterpress, bookbinding, and drawing. As a printmaker, her work explores process and repetition, which are inherent to the discipline. She is also interested in text, colour, and themes of personal identity in relation to place.