Periodic Serialism by Thomas Parker Williams -SOLD OUT!


Periodic Serialism is a musical composition with parts for strings and piano that were derived by using periodic trigonometric functions to determine the pitch and duration of the notes. Seven mathematical equations were used to produce graphs of the functions and the graphs were overlaid with a standard five-line music staff. Where the staff position intersected the graph, a note was placed. The resulting diagram was used to create the sheet music. The music is illustrated with the function graphs that were used to create the actual music. The cut wave forms on each sheet are combinations of two or more of the functions added together like sound waves actually combine when electronically reproduced.

Artist Bio

Thomas Parker Williams lives and works in Philadelphia. He has been making artist books (both unique and editions) since 1998. All are handmade using various printing, cutting, and binding techniques. Editions vary from 4 to 100. Music and sound (composed, performed, and recorded by the artist) are integral parts of many editions: a CD fits into a holder that is part of the book's design. Although primarily a painter throughout his career, Tom now concentrates on artist books and printmaking. His work is exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, and throughout the country, and is in numerous private and public collections.