Paradise Lost: An Allegory by Philip Zimmermann

The title and subject of this book are inspired by John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost. It is the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Paradise Lost is interesting to me because it makes real human characters (with strong personalities) of Adam and Eve as well as God and Satan. All are very human, with strengths and foibles. As an atheist, the story as a whole seems laughable to me. But it also seems to serve as a strong metaphor for the human condition and the weaknesses and greed that we all as humans share. Although to some it might seem a peculiar stretch, it is not hard to my mind to make the connections that explain our blindness to the causes changing our climate. This list of factors include greed, complacency, jealousy: the list goes on and on. In my book there are three sections, much reduced from Milton's twelve.

Artist Bio

PHILIP ZIMMERMANN is an artist and teacher. Since 2008 he has been a professor at the School of Art at the University of Arizona. He studied architecture and fine arts at Cornell University where he received a BFA in 1973. He earned his MFA in Photographic Studies at the The Visual Studies Workshop/SUNY Buffalo in Rochester NY in 1980. He taught at the School of Art+Design at State University of New York at Purchase outside NYC for 24 years and is a Professor Emeritus there. Although working in various media, his preferred form is the photo bookwork. He publishes his and other's work under the Spaceheater Editions imprint.