Over/Under by Roberta Lavadour - SOLD

When my friend GeneAnn McLean was in a care facility prior to her passing, I had a heightened awareness of the details of the room she inhabited. I had been saving the Dongba paper, a gift from a Naxi artist, for more than a decade, and its texture and tone seemed fitting for a project where I wanted the original text to be both substantial and quiet. I've always found comfort in hand work, and the twined binding created for this piece provided the perfect meditative repetition that saying goodbye to a dear friend called for.

Artist Bio

Roberta Lavadour’s work is fueled by a rampant curiosity, exploring diverse themes and inspired by everything from yard sale finds to her tangled family history to loss, as her close circle of friends age. She’s been exhibiting artist’s book for more than 20 years and has been recognized as an Oregon Arts Fellow by the Oregon Arts Commission and an Honored Artist of Eastern Oregon by the Eastern Oregon Regional Arts Council, among other awards given for specific works. She’s been a featured presenter at the Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence, Paper & Book Intensive, and other universities and art venues, and she’s contributed to the field by developing innovative structures, including the twined binding. Her works reside in museum and special library collections across the country and in several international venues. She publishes her work under the Mission Creek Press imprint.

 Full CV is available at robertalavadour.com