Out of the Air by Thomas Ingmire

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This book records an experimental research with the British poet David Annwn. "Reactive, correlative or reciprocal successive ekphrasis" is the term that he proposes as a description of the work. It is a process by which a writer creates one text in relation to an image, the visual artist then creates a new image in relation to that text, and the writer then makes another text in relation to the second image, and so on, in a chain or path of responses. The sequence in this book was initiated by one of my non-verbal calligraphic images. David made a spontaneous poetic response that I have written in a formal italic hand. My subsequent visual responses are readable, but always play at the edge of legibility; nevertheless David always views these works as images. As well as being a new research for the poet, his process prompts interesting questions about calligraphy...word or image?

Artist Bio

Thomas, now living in San Francisco, was born in 1942 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His life as an artist is more by accident than design. This begins with his art training which is primarily the result of the study and completion degrees in Landscape Architecture at The Ohio State University and the University of California, Berkeley. Ingmire began to study calligraphy and medieval painting techniques in the early 1970's. A one-year of postgraduate study was undertaken in the Art Department at California State, Los Angeles. Ingmire was elected to England's Society of Scribes and Illuminators craft membership status in 1977. His focus beginning in the 1980's was on the teaching of calligraphy. He has conducted workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and several countries in Europe. In the new millennium Ingmire turned to collaborative work with a number artists and poets. This has included the Pablo Neruda and Federico Garcia Lorca series of books with Manuel Neri, work as an illuminator on the Saint John's Bible, and currently a calligraphy/poetry project involving 10 poets from six different countries. Ingmire's work can be found in a number of museums and Special Collections departments throughout the world.