Our Family by Lynn Skordal -SOLD! —BEST OF SHOW AWARD!

Our Family is a unique artist's book created from a disintegrating Victorian photo album. The original celluloid covers remain intact but bindings, endpapers and photo display pages have been repaired, replaced or altered original endpapers and backs of each photo page have been replaced with patterned Lokta paper, original damaged photo display pages have been re-built and covered with inkjet images of various old decorative album pages. The album contains 12 collaged antique cabinet cards. (Cabinet cards, generally 4x6 inches, were wildly popular in America during 1870-1900, typically with sepia photographs of unsmiling Victorians posed in their formal finery.) Herein are some of the artist's stranger relatives, including, little Fannie with her orange squid tentacles, Uncle Leo whose beard is inhabited by a cloud of butterflies, two unusual librarians, Sister Fish, and others. As Edward Furlong observed: "I don't think anyone has a normal family..." —BEST OF SHOW AWARD!

Artist Bio

Lynn lives and works on an island in the middle of a lake surrounded by a big city, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. After retiring from the practice of law eight years ago, she began making artist's books and small works on paper. Old-style cut & paste collage has been and remains a favorite medium, and she frequently also incorporates sewing techniques, thread, fabric, metal, wood and other materials into her pieces. The goal is always to tell a story that might startle, amuse or provoke. Lynn's work has appeared in book arts and collage exhibitions across the country.