Ornata by John Grice

The book is an exploration of the display material in the composing room. It has an inevitable historical slant but looks at techniques and possibilities of working with ornament and other display material in the metal, today. It is a multi-coloured work with many full pages of designed display work. It is all totally hand-set and hand printed and hand bound. If you are able to visit the gallery for this show you will see in-progress press sheets for this stunning work—a printing tour de force. When complete this superbly printed book will thrill fans of typography with exquisite craftsmanship and design.

Artist Bio

John was a printmaker, then graphic designer but now a letterpress printer and publisher. He has been working letterpress since 2000, used to do jobbing but it is all books now. Sometimes he uses hot-metal, Monotype, but hand-sets when possible; he has a fine collection of metal type.