Origins by Krista Sharp

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Origins reflects the history of where I have come from. By using DNA analysis, my paternal and maternal lineage was traced back 20,000 years. This provided great insight and a far-reaching historical look at where I came from. Each lineage varies, coming from multiple contents and cultures. Through this altered flag book structure, the journey that my ancestors took is graphically represented. The journeys begin in very different places but end up in the place that I was born and that I call home.

Artist Bio

Krista Sharp is native Oklahoman who is currently living in Alexandria, Virginia. Krista is a book artist and an award-winning graphic and web designer who has worked in the DC metro area for over 11 years. She is currently an Art and the Book masters candidate at George Washington University's Corcoran School of Art and Design. Krista's book and print work utilizes letterpress printing as well as other printmaking processes and can be seen in many collections including the Smithsonian's Dibner Library.