Opening the Mouth of the Dead by Sandy Tilcock and Catherine Woodard


The central character in this book by Catherine Woodard is a third-grade girl growing up in 1960s North Carolina who uses the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead to navigate her complicated relationship with her father. Alive he sometimes seems as dead as a mummy. It is a story told in poems.

The 20 poems in the book art edition were selected from the 64 comprising the paperback edition.

Tilcock tells us, “This limited-edition book is another collaboration. With this book I am working with artist Margot Voorhies Thompson. Margot and I met Woodard at a PLAYA residency in the Oregon Outback in 2015. As a publisher, printer and book designer, I often find myself in the role of "producer-director," finding ways to integrate the talents of writers and artists in a coherent finished work.”

Artist Bio

Sandy Tilcock, Eugene, Oregon, has been involved with traditional book arts for more than 30 years. She has an MFA in Book Arts from the University of Alabama (1987). lone goose press was founded in 1989 focusing on works fostering conversation about community, social justice and environmental ethics. In 1999 Sandy established Knight Library Press at the University of Oregon and served as its Director until its closure in 2006. A book tracing Sandy's book arts career, THE ART OF BEING UNSEEN, was published in 2014.