Open & Closed by Woody Leslie -SOLD OUT!

The Hindi word for cabbage is band gobhi-literally “closed cauliflower.” The English word cauliflower comes from the Latin caulis (cabbage) plus flower. Both languages refer one vegetable directly to the other, but in opposite directions. Open & Closed: A Linguistic Approach to Vegetables takes this simple idea and illustrates it beautifully with a flexagon fold book structure that starts with a cabbage, and opens up to reveal a cauliflower.

Artist Bio

Woody Leslie is an artist, bookmaker, cartoonist, and musician originally from Vermont, but now living in Brooklyn, NY. He is the founder One Page Productions, an artist book printing press specializing in tiny books made from one sheet of paper (more at Not only has he printed a wide range of titles through 1Pp, he has also self-published a multitude of handbound artist books, writings, comic books, and more.