Onde by Silvia Sala

A book that cannot be closed, tells of dreams and nightmares. It tells of a long journey on a small paper boat in a massive and mysterious ocean. Powerful waves approach, but the boat does not sink. The brave, or unaware, little boat may see calm after the storm. If so, it will continue its journey. As before. No rudder, no compass. Just the stars. “Senza timone, senza bussola. Solo le stelle”.

Artist Bio

Silvia Sala began drawing and painting very early. In 1997 she discovered printmaking, which became soon her favourite way to express herself. She improved her skills through different artistic experiences, in Italy and abroad. Since 2007, her interest in graphic, calligraphy, typography and bookbinding led her to discover a further path of research and experience: the artist's book. Thanks to hand bookbinders, book restorers and artists she met, she developed her skills and individual way of creating books. She took part to artist’s book collective exhibitions, among them: 2023: ROMANIA Bucharest, “West Meets East. A Cultural Book Exchange”.

2023: ITALY, Napoli, “VI Biennale del Libro d’Artista”.
2022: ITALY, Asolo (VC), “Sussurrato tra le pieghe e i punti”.
2020: POLAND, Warsaw, Galeria 81 Stopni.
2019: ITALY, Napoli, “V Biennale Internazionale del Libro d’Artista”.
2019: ITALY, Matera, “Festival Internazionale del Libro Inciso”.
2018: ITALY, Milano, Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense “Oggetto Libro III ed.”
2017: ITALY, Milano, La Triennale, “Oggetto Libro II ed”
2016: ITALY, Milano, La Cavallerizza, “Oggetto Libro I ed.”
2016 ITALY, Salemi TP, Castello Normanno, Pagine di Pane.
2016: ITALY, Milano, Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense, “La Biblioteca fantastica”.
2015: ITALY, Russi RA, “Libri mai mai visti, libro d’artista” – (ALVARO BECCATINI award).
2015: ITALY, Milano, Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense, “Pagine di Pane”.
2014: SPAIN, Barcelona, “Blackout (festival del libro d’artista)”.
2013: ITALY, Cassina de’ Pecchi, “Arboretum”.
2012: ITALY, Napoli,” II Biennale Internazionale del Libro d’Artista”.
2011: ITALY, Milano, Luino (VA), Galleria Spazio28, “Lasciare il Segno IV ed: diari d’artista”.
2010: FRANCE, Lyon, Musèe de l’Imprimerie, “Livres minuscules“.