Once Upon A Time by Lynn Skordal -SOLD!

"Once Upon a Time" is a unique collage artist's book. Images from vintage travel postcards were ink-jet printed on large, used teabags and then mounted on pages hand-torn from mulberry paper. Black silhouettes from old childrens' books and other sources were hand-cut and collaged onto the teabag images; title page and insert sheets are torn Lotka paper. Some pages are rubbed with gold pigmented wax. Covers are binder's board covered with silver pleather, and then bound Japanese pamphlet-style with silk cord, hand-tied with an old bead. This fairy tale is intended to be wordless, so that the reader may create his or her own story to explain the images. Recognizing, however, that many of us need some words, there is a story tucked away in a pocket at the back of the book which guided the artist as she worked on her tea bags: Once upon a time there was a Sad Princess...

Artist Bio

Lynn lives and works on an island in the middle of a lake surrounded by a big city, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. After retiring from the practice of law in 2008, she began making artist's books and small works on paper. Old-style cut & paste collage has been and remains a favorite medium, and she frequently also incorporates sewing techniques, thread, fabric, metal, wood, and other materials into her pieces. The goal is always to tell a story that might startle, amuse or provoke. Lynn's work has appeared in book arts and collage exhibitions across the country.