On Wings of Song by Cathy DeForest

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Colophon: “On Wings of Song was written by Cathy DeForest, a Northwest printmaker and book artist. Her five prose poems were inspired by a bird's nest which fell out of her wisteria bush around the time her sons were going off to school.”

We are nest builders, mothers of destiny. Twig after twig, we simultaneously both fortify and soften the nest: a sanctuary from harm's way, a cradle to feed and nourish soul and body. Ingenuity builds the nest, ...

Artist Bio

The expression of beauty in image and word is her primary source of inspiration. She manages Jubilation Press with her poet son, Derek Pyle. Jubilation Press is located in a Tuscan farmhouse outside of Ashland, Oregon. Cathy and Derek select poetry and prose from Poet Laureates to local writers that create meaning in peoples lives and print broadsides and artist books, which inspire and encourage reflection. Cathy's etchings and artist books are part of many collections including: The California Palace Legion of Honor, Oakland Museum, Yale University and UCLA.