On Style , by Larissa Hammond

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On Style , began as a letterpress printed excerpt from Susan Sontag’s essay On Style and was obscured through a top loading photocopy machine by the mechanisms of the machine itself. The original hand-set excerpt was photocopied, and then the photocopy of the original was photocopied and then the photocopy of the photocopy of the original was photocopied etc. until the machine created a series of 200 edition 1 prints. Numbers 100 and 200 were scanned and sized, and the letterpress excerpt was preserved. Each photocopy is hand numbered and signed.

Artist Bio

Larissa Hammond is a recent graduate of the joint MFA Applied Craft and Design Program between the Oregon College of Art and Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. Her work is primarily concerned with arbitrary sign systems and the implementation of these systems for ritualistic purposes through print media and performance. Hammond  resides in Portland, OR where she is currently researching The Basque, their shepherding and the mysterious origins of their language.