object n. object v. by Diane Jacobs

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object n., object v. was created to link present day gender inequality to our ancient past. Male control over women's bodies and women's sexuality continues around the world, as does the hierarchy of objective beauty. While the ancient Greeks were oppressing and objectifying women, an egalitarian society roamed north of the Black Sea. Legendary warrior women known as Amazons rode horses, practiced archery, fought to defend and conquer, and had sexual freedom. In this artist book I have juxtaposed two parallel worlds through objects and imagery. All the text is derived from two books that paint the picture and tell the story. Helen of Troy: Beauty, Myth, Devastation by Ruby Blondell and The Amazons: Lives & Legends of Warrior Women Across the Ancient World by Adrienne Mayor. When I read that self-reliant warrior women existed in the ancient world I was inspired and I wanted to share that knowledge to rekindle a collective vision of equality.

Artist Bio

Born in Southern California in 1966, Diane grew up surf fishing, creating potions, and drawing incessantly. At age 12, she and her family traveled to Japan, planting the seed for a lifelong interest in cross-cultural study and understanding. As an undergraduate at UCSC, she discovered her deep connection to forests, feminist thinking, and social justice - her work continues to be informed by the cross-pollination of these elements. Jacobs uses materials that surprise and stimulate associative and visceral reactions in an effort to interpret society and initiate change. Through her creative process she examines and conveys the complexities, contradictions and injustices of our world. Her intention is to spark curiosity and use that light to ignite further self-reflection and action. She received her MFA in printmaking from San Francisco State University in 1996, Leo D. Stillwell Graduate Scholarship (1995), James D. Phelan Award (printmaking 1997), Kala Art Institute Fellowship (1997), Women's Studio Workshop Artist Book Residency Grant (1999), Artadia award (2000), Signal Fire's Alpenglow Artist Backpacking Residency (2013), Regional Arts & Cultural Council Project Grant (2012, 2008 & 2005), RACC Professional Development Grant (2009, 2014), Career Opportunity Grant Oregon Arts Commission (2010) with The Ford Family Foundation (2015) PLAYA artist residency (2016). Diane lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two sons. Her prints and artist books are in The Getty, SFMOMA, the De Young Fine Arts Museum, Achenbach Foundation, The New York Public Library, the Library of Congress, Walker Art Center, Yale, Stanford, and Reed College among others.