Oakhill High School Science Club by Jean Segaloff

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I use watercolor as an expressive medium. Adding wiggly lines to the transparency of watercolor adds humor to the characters. These are images of people who were in my high school science club many years ago. I drew them as adolescents and then imagined them as professional scientists in 2012. Placing the characters in wooden tracks gives them a sense of motion and the passage of time. In our high school Science Club we thought that our lives had infinite possibilities.

Artist Bio

Jean Segaloff is a painter and printmaker with a lifelong interest in graphic design. She uses traditional printing techniques cross referenced with contemporary ones. It’s Jean’s love of materials and techniques that drive the images of her books. While her watercolors are more precise than watery, they are often bounded together by loose dark lines. Jean’s books reflect her interest in using historical imagery as well as figures borrowed from other painters. Many of her books are driven by her desire to revisit high school as an adult, always a source of mixed emotions. How Jean designs a book is as important as it’s content. Like most book artists Jean wants the viewer to connect with the intimacy of the piece. Layers; diagrams, rubbed out spots, sand papered areas and idiosyncratic variations of forms are central to Jean’s books. Humor and compassion can be found in all of Jean’s work.