No one wants to play the victim no one when there is a gun involved and blue by Inge Bruggeman

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This book is the first in a series of publications that explores the idea of active reading and the physical, material book as an extension of the reading process. This run-on prose poem is intended to be read while walking, although it can be experienced in a stationary position as well. The book is ideally installed on a long shelving system that would span several walls of a gallery or related space. The book works as a tool for performance—it activates the reading experience and implicates the viewer further in the work. The text itself is about victimhood in contemporary culture. The letterpress printing from metal type offers a sense of permanence and impression literally into the page, and metaphorically into our collective experience.

Artist Bio

Inge Bruggeman is Assistant Professor and Director of Graphic Arts at the Black Rock Press in the Art Department at the University of Nevada Reno. Her work revolves around the idea of the book - the book as object, artifact and cultural icon. She makes artist's books, fine press publications, prints and other text-based art that investigates our personal and collective relationship to the shifting role of the book, print media and text in our world today. Inge has an avid interest in the history of the French livre d'artiste and the contemporary artist's book in France. Her most recent book was made during a residency in Marseille, France and was awarded the Premio L_a 2014 book award from the International Artist's Book Exhibition sponsored by Lia: Libro de Artista in Guadalajara, Mexico. She has received other awards and grants, including an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Oregon Arts Commission.