Night Monsters Fighters League by Anna Pinkas

“Night Monsters Fighters League” is a 6-page accordion book I created in collaboration with my 6-year-old-son. It re-imagines his favorite stuffed animals as superheroes whose superpowers come on at night to fight nightmares and scary monsters. He created the drawings, and I formatted the book. The “superpowers” are screen-printed with glow-in-the dark ink. The book comes with an embroidered patch that the reader can attach to their own stuffed animals so that they may “join the league”.

Artist Bio

Anna Pinkas collects and works with mundane details to find beauty, humor, and whimsy in our everyday life. The tension between analog and digital at play in her work reflects our daily experience of being torn between our screen-based, data-filled reality, and our physical one. Digital tools are essential to her practice - whether it be for capturing reference material, animating, or preparing files for digital fabrication - but they are also the very thing she tries to escape by imbuing her work with traces of the human hand. She often work in series to surface the strange and beautiful qualities of common behaviors and objects. Traditional animation (which she studied extensively and teaches) also influences her sequential approach.