Night Flight by Marian Crane


Stylized aerial views of a twilight city combine with sardonic embroidered text about the hidden lives of American suburbs.

Construction: combination accordion-fold with six pages, and one fold-out stylized cityscape. Semi-soft fabric covers anchored by leather and fabric loops with handmade beaded buttons. Machine and hand-stitched fabric applique using commercial cotton batik, silk, linen, opalized leather, and polyester fabrics. Hidden stiffening support structures of stainless steel wire, plastic canvas, and heavy polyester interfacing. Glass-beaded bronze spars keep open the landscape vignette, and lock in place with rose-gold-plated magnet clasps. Accented with glass beads and polyester cord tassels.

Text: ‘Earth rolls east from sunset. Below this hill, the city embarks nightward, trailing jewels and fire.’

Artist Bio

Marian Crane grew up amid the spectacular landscapes and cultural diversity of northern New Mexico. A silversmith and fiber artist, she became enchanted with book art in the late 1990s. Her book art focuses on fiber, leather, glass, and wood surfaces because of their tactile richness, becoming hand-held installation art pieces for busy collectors who want a portable, introspective, and meditative experience. These pieces aren’t meant for large-scale display, but to be private pieces shared with close friends and family.