Nature's Wanderlust by Marilyn Stablein

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The way water continually flows, moves or shifts could be said to personify Nature's (inherent) Wanderlust. Water is never still. Water in nature ripples constantly. Waves, rivers, creeks, streams and oceans all have momentum. Water is pulled by the moon and tidal currents. Water always follows the invisible force of gravity by flowing in a meandering yet always downward direction. The Cascadia bioregion which is a scientific name for the Pacific Northwest is characterized by water cascading down the coastal mountains (Cascade range) and emptying into the sea. This altered book with hand cut waves collaged onto the scrolled pages honors and celebrates the Pacific Northwest bioregion and the element of water which is essential to all life on earth. This work is part of an ongoing series of written, performance, and visual works titled "Sacred Waters."

Artist Bio

Writers' tools, artists' tools, discarded and recycled cultural artifacts, found objects, shamanic tools, ritual objects, green and ecological specimens from nature are all found in Marilyn's artist books. She uses natural artifacts, hand-crafted creations as well as domestic tools and industrial cast-offs to transform and celebrate minutia, everyday objects, and ephemera especially personal archival material. Altered books and book art objects become museums of artifacts and personal materials. Many of the books have narrative elements that explore personal history. She exhibits in universities, museums, libraries and galleries including the University of San Diego, University of Nebraska, Pyramid Arts Center, Rhode Island School of Design, Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Harwood Museum. Her work appears online in The Bone Folder and is in public and private collections. A monograph Bind, Alter, Fold: Artists Books (Book Arts Editions, 2015) was featured on the cover of Bound & Lettered Magazine.