Nature Abhors by Philip Zimmermann

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The aritst tells us: "In addition to being a great vehicle for communicating directly to an audience, artists' books have the wonderful advantage of being time-based like video and film. Static pictures on a wall seem and impoverished way of making an artistic statement after one works with sequence, rhythm, movement, translucency, narrative arc; the list goes on and on. I know I am biased: I have been in love with books ever since I was a small child, but the medium is so rich with possibilities that it is hard to go back to working any other way.... "My book entitled Nature Abhors is about loss, the inevitable by-product and, (perhaps pessimistically) the final result of love. In the past four years I have had a great deal of loss in my life. This book is a rumination on what loss has meant for me personally and also what I have found has been a more universal feeling of loss since 9.11. It is determinedly not about that disaster but more about the zeitgeist since that world-changing event ......."

Artist Bio

I am currently a professor in the School of Art, University of Arizona in Tucson. This is my third year here. Previously I taught for 24 years at Purchase College, State University of New York. I have been making artists’ books for over 35 years, and got my BFA from Cornell University and my MFA in Photographic Studies from Visual Studies Workshop program at SUNY Buffalo. I have received a National Endowment for the Arts Individual Fellowship as well as two NYFA Fellowships and many other awards. I am in most artists book collections around the world.