Naked Faces by Scripps College Press

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Robert Bringhurst classifies type based on movements of the time period in which it first appreared. We looked at typefaces from that perspective, by listening to music and looking at artworks from the period. The myriad tiny details that make up a letterform have emotional impact on the entire typeface. Highlighting those rising emotions that are evident in the finished face became the focus of the book. Students selected digital typefaces from Bringhurst's classifications list to investigate but used the metal typefaces available at the Scripps College Press for the emotional descriptions. Various typefaces were used for the emotive texts. Colors of forest green, teal, electric blue and purple were used for the emotive type passages.

Artist Bio

The Scripps College Press was founded in 1941 as an experimental typographic laboratory. In 1986 Kitty Maryatt became the Director of the Press and instituted a new program of collaborative class books. Two letterpress books are produced each year by the Typography class. The class supported by the Press is entitled Typography and the Book Arts. Students from all five of the Claremont Colleges are allowed to attend. The premise of the class is that all students will learn the highest standards of typography and printing by publishing their own books. These neophyte students are asked to write on a given subject, make imagery, design the layout, hand set the metal type, print the book by letterpress and bind the edition of about 100 copies, all in one semester.