My Red Doors by Patricia Grass

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Inspired by the red doors in my life-from the door to my home at 13620 to the never-opened red door of the beauty salon. The Red Door book was made as a result of a challenge to the Thursday Group. Each woman in the group received some heavy red leather and was challenged to make a book. This is my book. Each of my five copies of the book has text pages with unique monoprints as the background and copier-printed, collaged elements printed on spider tissue as the image and text. The image and text content of each book is the same while the monoprints vary from book to book.

Artist Bio

Patricia Grass has taught bookbinding for 25 years and has authored a book, How To Make A Book Even If You Think You Can't. She operates a book arts supply store, the Accidental BookMaker, and teaches from her studio in Forest Grove, OR.