my not so ordinary life by Christine Wagner -SOLD!

I created this book as part of series of books that examines my personal experience with domestic violence. Through vellum pages with calligraphy typed text, wax and burning, I tell the story of a camping trip one August weekend that changed my life and almost ended it as well. Intertwined within my story are the statistics of those that share a similar experience.

Artist Bio

Christine Wagner is a multidisciplinary artist who works in book arts, painting, mixed media, photography and calligraphy. She grew up in Eastern Oregon and has attended several colleges throughout the state in which she studied hand-lettering, gold leaf, graphic design, CADD drafting and art. She is the mother of four daughters and has worked as a graphic designer, sign painter, and antique business owner before realizing that art is her true passion. She moved to the northwest to attend the BFA program at Portland State in 2010. Her most recent work explores her personal experience with domestic violence through calligraphic writing and found books that she cuts, burns, and stitches into sculptural forms.