mtlaugwalkcut_4 by Brooke Holve

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mtlaugwalkcut_4 is one of a series of seven constructions, inspired by a walk that I took up to the summit of Mt. Laugarvatn during an artist residency in Iceland. I recorded the shape of the walk with a GPS device and then printed it out into 23 sections. I selected seven 'cuts' from the shape to influence the forms. I was also interested in how to 'round' a rectangular structure. The work is informed by the changing role of the book as the world moves from constructed forms that held and protected printed images and text to primarily digital delivery systems. Discarded book remnants are the dominant material of this work. *In Iceland, place names often reflect something of the landscape and sometimes a story that occurred there. Like Icelanders, I named this series to reference my process of working and the place that inspired it.

Artist Bio

Brooke Holve grew up shaped by the itinerant life of a military family. A visual artist for more than two decades, her art practice has taken her through explorations of calligraphy, bookbinding, printmaking, digital technology and poetry. Interested in combining mediums, she draws from each discipline to make mixed media works, installations, constructions and artist books. Her probing work investigates culture, memory, place, language, time and natural phenomena. She often looks for materials and objects that hold a history. The interplay of the materials and methods inform her process; and over time expose possibilities for shaping form. She often attempts to put together disparate 'things' that have come apart, but were once traditional structures used to preserve, protect and hold. Brooke's work has been exhibited in the US and Europe and is included in both private and public collections. It can be seen online at