Mt. Hood and Summer Sun by Diane Jacobs

$150.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
Letterpress print by Diane Jacobs. The natural and created world is celebrated in this 12 print series, derived from my newest artist book: Nourish. The wondrous power of the sun and moon mark our cycles of circular and linear time and we rely on them for light, warmth, energy, and continuity. The ocean and forest – impacted by climate change, pollution, and over-use – create habitats for species whose diversity we rely on for quality of life. This delicate balance exquisitely informs our lives. Nourish is a book about hope and stewardship, as the drum symbolizes the heartbeat – the pulse of life – it connects us all.

Artist Bio

Diane Jacobs uses human hair, text, found objects, ceramic, steel, glass, paper, and reflective materials to create installations, book arts, prints, and sculptural work. She uses magnification and reflection to alter perception, scrutinize information, and bring the viewer into the dialogue. For Diane, hair represents humanity. It is a rich material thick with history, genetics and societal taboos. Jacobs received her MFA in printmaking from San Francisco State University in 1996. She is a recipient of a 2012 Individual Project Grant Award from the Regional Arts & Cultural Council. She was awarded a Career Development grant from the Oregon Art Commission in 2010, a Professional Development Grant (2009) and two individual Project Grant awards (2008 & 2005) from the Regional Arts & Cultural Council in Oregon. Cain Schulte Contemporary Art in San Francisco is representing Diane’s work. Her prints and artist books are in many distinguished collections including The Getty, SFMOMA, the de Young Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, the Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, The New York Public Library, the Walker Art Center, Yale, Stanford, and Reed College.