Morocco by Robert Rowe

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Decades ago I made several extended trips to Morocco to satisfy my curiosity. Now, through journal entries and old photographs, I remember it as a time of reflection. Travel is a mirror. While looking out, it is also a time of looking in. This book is an exploration of duality, of light and dark. The light cuts sharply in the desert towns. There are walls and gates through which I was constantly passing. And, I was an outsider, looking in. I was asked by a casual acquaintance I met on the street, "Are you an American? Do you carry a Gun?"

Artist Bio

Robert Rowe has an MFA in photography from Indiana University and has been teaching graphic design, book arts, letterpress printing, and photography at the university level for over 35 years. In his current position at Bradley University, he designs and publishes individual and collaborative book and print works under the Gold Quoin Press imprint. His books and structural book works are represented in the special collections of major libraries. He also teaches classes and volunteers at the Prairie Center of the Arts in Peoria