Morning Prayers and the Service of Small Compline by J. Anna Rich

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Turning 50, I escaped to Telluride to study vellum binding, allowing myself this diversion from the daily pressing work routine. Returning to papermaking, I fashioned these heavy sheets by hand before printing them by letterpress in an uncial letterform I helped adapt to English from the earliest Greek biblical manuscript to survive antiquity: Codex Sinaiticus. The parchment I made from Saint Croix sheep skins, soaking them first in lime, then dehairing, defleshing, and scraping them, stretched on a frame given by my mentor, Jack Thompson.

Artist Bio

J. Anna Rich views the act of making as a co-creative work ... a reflection of who we are as creative beings, made in the image of the Creator of all. She embraces the sacramental view of gathering the matter: cotton fibers and animal skins and soy inks and medieval proportion and early codex book and letter forms ... the elements of earth, to offer back as an act of gratitude for all we have been given. an incarnational process.