Monotype 1405, 1405B, 1405C Specimen Broadside by Rebecca Gilbert

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This specimen sheet was inspired by the technical exercise of casting 18 point ornaments, attempting to get a good solid piece of type that was also in alignment. The first proofs were reminiscent of textile patterns, so a composition was built from that starting point. This is the first piece I've printed completely from type I'd cast myself. Monotype type ornaments cast on the Monotype Sorts Caster (Orphan Annie) at the C.C. Stern Type Foundry during public museum hours. Type is 6pt Garamond (6 ^ 274) cast on the Linotype machine.

Artist Bio

Rebecca Gilbert is a co-owner/operator at Stumptown Printers, and an active Board member at the C.C. Stern Type Foundry non-profit working museum. She is also a founding member and former Executive Director of the Independent Publishing Resource Center. She has taught workshops on letterpress printing, book making and sine publishing at universities, colleges, primary & secondary schools and info centers around the United States. Rebecca Gilbert holds a BA degree from Pacific Northwest College of Art and a certificate for hot metal typecasting from Monotype University.