MJ's Big Book of Deadly Sins by Mary Jeanne Linford

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I have always been interested in the way Christianity defines sin and virtue, and how those concepts change through the ages. This book is an exploration of historical references and contemporary interpretations of deadly sins. Visual literacy took a hit with the invention of moveable type, when most people couldn't read books, but could 'read' symbols (both sacred and profane), presented in paintings and stained glass. After doing months of research on the deadly sins, exploring numerology, astrology, astronomy, the planets and traditional symbolism, I was ready to work on my sins book. I enjoyed playing with ideas and symbols on each sin page...how do you portray envy...lust seemed easy enough but pride seems to be both a virtue and a sin...a little humble pride is ok, but too much and it's a sin. Sloth is both an animal (virtue?) and a behavior (sin). Unfortunately, sloth has taken over the companion virtues book.

Artist Bio

MJ Linford got bitten by the book arts bug during her first book (a high school class assignment in layout and design). She has been a practicing professional artist for over 40 years, and enjoys the mystery and unpredictable nature of printmaking, and the controlled, precise aspects of collage and bookmaking. MJ focuses on printmaking and bookmaking under the press name of Bad Girl Press, and works collaboratively with three other book artists under Full Plate Press. Although she continues to make 'serious' books, she has become increasingly intrigued by popups and moveable structures, and has incorporated pop-ups in her work. As she explores paper engineering, she does wish she had paid much better attention in both math class. Now that she is in her 60's, MJ is less interested in following rules, and more interested in following her muse. Art saves lives.