Miro Tunnel Book by Carmen Tostado

$1,200.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
A painting by the Spanish artist Joan Miro is used as the main focus of this movable tunnel book. Recently, I have become interested in the structure of the tunnel book, and used a Miro painting to create a whimsical and theatrical quality, thus giving a pictorial expression to the book. Moreover, the structure of the book takes a two-dimensional painting and creates for the viewer a three-dimensional effect, as if you are in the theater and all the major components become alive, thus giving the painting a whole new meaning.

Artist Bio

Carmen Tostado received her BFA from Cal State University, Long Beach and her MFA from UCLA. Carmen has exhibited at numerous galleries including: the UCLA Wright Gallery, the USC Gallery, the Riverside Art Museum, Los Angeles Municipal Art Museum, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Newport Harbor Annual, Palm Springs Art Museum, and international galleries in England, Germany, France, Italy, and China. Carmen's earliest works were large installation pieces, with books as an integral part of the work. In the last few years she has used her time to work only in the medium of book art; creating a wide diversity of themes and deconstructing the actual book format. Carmen is highly influenced by Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Cornell, and Max Ernst.