Memory's Door by Don Myhre -SOLD!

I found and reclaimed the materials used in this book in an old cabin. The wood with original paint is from a cabinet. The weathered wood with the rusty hinge is from a screen door.

Artist Bio

Don Myhre is a mixed-media artist with educational backgrounds in drama, architecture and filmmaking. He earned an MFA at the University of Washington. He made his first constructed book in 1984. Since then most of his work has revolved around the book form. He is attracted to this form because it brings with it historical and metaphorical connotations as well as physical and tactical qualities. Equally important to him are the aspects of sequence, progression, contrast and surprise. His books can be thought of as hand-held, hinged sculptures. The resulting works reflect his interest in concepts of reality and perception.  These conceptual concerns are balanced by attention to design, selection of materials and craftsmanship. While the content and meaning may be personal or obscure, his hope is that viewers will - through contemplation and reflection - discover their own interpretation and understanding of the work.