Meditation by William Stafford and Joseph Green

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This limited edition broadside was produced by Peasandcues Press, featuring an original linoleum cut illustration by Marquita Green. The poem, Meditation, was originally copyright in 1973 by the estate of William Stafford and was reprinted in 1998 from The Way It Is: New & Selected Poems with permission of Graywolf Press, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Artist Bio

About William Stafford Beloved Pacific Northwest poet William Stafford was an extremely prolific writer, authoring 67 volumes in his 79 years. His first book of poetry, West of Your City, was published in 1960 when he was 46 years old. By 1963 he had won the National Book Award for Traveling Through the Dark. He went on to win the Shelley Award from the Poetry Society of America, served as the Poetry Consultant for the Library of Congress (1970-71) and was appointed Oregon Poet Laureate in 1975 by Governer Tom McCall. As an enormously admired writer, he traveled thousands of miles each year to give readings and to encourage aspiring poets throughout the United States, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Germany, Austria, Poland and many other countries. He died in his home in Lake Oswego, Oregon, in August of 1993. The Friends of William Stafford organization has produced a series of limited edition poetry broadsides that 23 Sandy Gallery is honored to carry in inventory.