Mardi Gras by Charlene Asato -SOLD! -AWARD WINNER!

I was thrilled when I first learned how to make a flag book. Then about five years ago I saw an image of a double flag book and I was really intrigued. I started experimenting with this form and I found it so exciting that the book opened up in an explosion of shapes and textures. I thought this structure was perfect to convey the Mardi Gras theme of a carnival celebration with pulsing energy and a riot of colors. The paste papers in vibrant colors and patterns bring zest and vivacity to this piece. Winner: Library Choice Award. Congratulations, Charlene! 

Artist Bio

Charlene Asato was born and raised in Hawaii then lived in California for 36 years. While studying calligraphy in the San Francisco Bay Area, she was introduced to bookbinding which captivated her. Currently, she pursues her art on Hawaii Island, incorporating calligraphy, photography, paper surface design, watercolor, embossing, linocuts, origami assemblage or collage into her artist's books. She derives inspiration from the colors, patterns and textures of all things around her and have a deep appreciation for natural flora. She strives for harmony in her work with a bit of whimsy.