Magnets Memories of Science (CD Edition) by Dorothy A. Yule

Dorothy tells us, "Science fascinated me when I was young. I wanted to understand how the universe worked, what made things tick. I also enjoyed making things, especially books and small toys. I lost the academic thread of science somewhere between physics and calculus but sublimated my scientific desires into the making of artist's books. This book recalls in verse my experiences as a young scientist: the early lure of bugs, the shining world of astronomy, experiments in magnetism, and biology with its seductive taxonomy." This CD Edition is one of five excerpt editions derived from the deluxe Memories of Science book, which continues to be one of our most popular books ever!  This edition has the full text of the original edition in a boustrophedon booklet which can be removed from its case and unfolded to reveal, on the reverse, Susan Hunt Yule's illustrated star maps from the Astronomy pop-up. It also has one of the five letterpress pop-ups from the original edition. Its centerpiece is the audio CD of the text of the book set to music by Doug Yule (formerly of the Velvet Underground and now a maker and player of violins) and performed by Big Red Dog. You can see the original Memories of Science edition here.

Artist Bio

Dorothy A. Yule often collaborates with her twin sister, Susan Hunt Yule, on books produced under her imprint, Left Coast Press, two of which were published as trade books by Chronicle Books (Souvenir of New York and Souvenir of San Francisco). In 2014 she won the first Meggendorfer Prize for Artists Books from The Movable Book Society for Memories of Science, which also won a Distinguished Book Award from the Miniature Book Society in 2013. Her books are in many museums and special collections including those of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Walker Art Center and the Museum Meermanno (known as the House of the Book) in the Hague.