Lunar Maria (Trade Edition) by Anne Greenwood

Lunar Maria Oracle Deck — Trade Edition
by Anne Greenwood Rioseco

The Lunar Maria (pl.) or Mare (sing.) are large dark basaltic plains on the Earth’s Moon formed by ancient volcanic eruptions. These plains Oceanus (Oceans), Mare (Seas), Lacus (Lakes), Palus (Marshes), and Sinus (Bays) are iron-rich in composition and cover 16% of the surface of the Moon’s surface; they were named by Giovanni Battista Riccioli in 1651 after states of mind and conditions of water.

I have made three editions of cards using these 44 images. The first edition is wool  originals that are hand and machine stitched and dyed in indigo, fustic and cochineal. It is a one-of-a-kind edition with a hand-made Port Orford Cedar ribbon box made by Mauricio Rioseco Milano. The deluxe edition, of which there are twelve unalike copies, is digitally reproduced and printed on organic cotton sateen fabric edged with a whipstitch of indigo dyed thread. Each deck was hand-stitched during the Covid-19 Pandemic in an online stitching group that met once per week and is still ongoing. Participants are: myself, Carol Ferris, Connor Gibson, Patrice Kelly, Nini Liedman, Lyla Rowen and Topher Sinkinson. The third edition is a paper trade edition of 100 that is printed on Titan glossy 130# cover with gloss aqueous coating. The booklet and card enclosure are made by Daniela del Mar and are handbound on Cannaletto Grana Grossa paper with indigo-dyed linen thread. The blind debossed title page is printed on a Canuck Proof Press with digitally printed interior. The card enclosure is letterpress printed on Cobalt Classic Crest. The organic cotton, indigo dyed altar cloths were made by myself, Lyla Rowen, Connor Gibson and Lucia Rioseco. The writing is mine.

Thank you to the Regional Arts and Culture Council of Oregon, Caldera Artists Residency, Icelandic Textiles Center, my husband Mauricio Rioseco, Daniela Del Mar, Colette Gardiner, Melinda Kowalska, Bran Taylor, Rosey Covet, Page Hawley, JP Hawthrone, Courtney Frisse, Patrice Kelly, Lyla Rowen, Connor Gibson, Josh Berger, Topher Sinkinson, Hannah Mickunas, Cheri Hyde, Sara Kolp, Rhea Wolf, Carol Ferris, Carmen Spagnola, Cynthia Gladen, and everyone who helped shape this process.

Artist Bio

Anne Greenwood Rioseco (b. Jamestown, North Dakota, 1967) is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, curator, and community arts facilitator based in Portland, Oregon. Her artistic practice navigates an infinite network of connections: narrating the simple and complex, physical and ephemeral, past and present, within the context of place, history, and transformation. She forms relationships that expand and fortify admiration and reverence, leading to the discovery of new truths about the world around us. The Oregon Arts Commission, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Regional Arts and Culture Council, the Hallie Ford Foundation, the Multnomah County Cultural Coalition, and the North Dakota Council for the Arts have all financially supported her projects. Greenwood Rioseco has been an artist in residence at Portland Garment Factory (Portland, Oregon), Playa (Summer Lake, Oregon), Caldera (Sisters, Oregon), the Icelandic Textiles Center (Blóndúos, Iceland), Signal Fire (Oregon), and Pine Meadow Ranch (Sisters, Oregon).